What’s New in HCX (June – July Updates)

Excluding the June 3rd Update (R120), covered in this post. This post focuses on the features in these HCX Service Updates:

  • The June 25th Update (R121).
  • The July 8th Update (R122).
  • The more recent July 23rd Update (R123). Which introduces exciting hints of things to come.

HCX R121 on June 25th

This update included GA Support for both greenfield and brownfield Multi-Site Service Mesh deployments. This means two things:

1. New HCX configurations should be done in the Interconnect > Multi-Site Service Mesh interface.

Do this (green) not that (red)

2. Existing HCX Interconnect configurations created using the should be upgraded to HCX Multi-Site Service Mesh. Refer to this post to learn how.

3. The VMware PowerCLI 11.3.0 release includes new cmdlets for HCX. The following HCX cmdlets are now available:

A complete list of the newly added cmdlets:

  • Get/New/Remove/Set-HCXComputeProfile
  • Get-HCXInventoryCompute
  • Get-HCXInventoryDatastore
  • Get-HCXInventoryDVS
  • Get-HCXInventoryNetwork
  • Get-HCXNetworkBacking
  • Get/New/Remove/Set-HCXNetworkProfile
  • Get/New/Remove/Set-HCXServiceMesh
  • Get-HCXStorageProfile
  • New-HCXComputeProfileDVS
  • New-HCXComputeProfileNetwork
  • New-HCXServiceMeshDVS

    Getting Started with the HCX module.


There were no new features added in the July 8th HCX Service Update. Fixed issues are mentioned in the release note, we won’t explore those any further in this post.


The HCX R123 update from July 23 includes some preliminary changes for some upcoming features, along with another round of fixes.

One change can be seen notably in the Compute Profile creation interface, where HCX services are selected:

What is HCX Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV)? RAV combines the advantages of Bulk Migration (parallel operations, resiliency and scheduling) with the advantages of HCX vMotion (zero downtime state compatible migration) as one operation.

What is the OS Assisted Migration service (OSAM)? OSAM can be used to bring openstack workloads into a vSphere environment.

What is the SRM Integration Service? HCX integration with SRM provides the ability to configure DR from VMware SRM where HCX is an extension providing optimized deduplication of Virtual Machine leveraging the HCX Interconnect.

These features will be available in the near future. Looking forward to exploring them in detail.

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