What’s New – August 30th (R125)

We’re regrouping after an excellent week at VMworld. For those who missed it, Amy Lewis summarizes things here: What’s New with HCX at VMworld 2019.

I was a guest speaker for Heath Johnson’s workshop: Operating the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation (my very first speaker session), and I was co-speaker in VMware HCX for Cloud Providers Architecture Deep Dive. It was great meeting so many of you out there! Looking forwarding to solving mobility problems together in the near future.

On to the subject matter! The HCX published an update last Friday, it was a smaller update which includes GA support for NSX-T at the Source and a several bug fixes. As the updated HCX Release Notes state: This update includes GA support, which is required to extend NSX-T provisioned virtual networks.

I can expand a bit regarding this update:

  • Prior to the R125 update, there was full GA support for destination environments integrated with NSX-T (this was added in early May) and preview support for environments integrated with NSX-T.
  • Although not explicitely stated, this update also means migration support for workloads residing on NSX-T logical segments.
  • The primary use cases for the early may DST environment support for NSX-T was to enable DVS / N1K / NSX-V migrations to NSX-T.

    An example of this is customer X who has used HCX to connect his vintage vSphere 5.1 AMD cluster to a Intel based VCF architecture. HCX decomplicates processor and cluster networking compatibility between 5.1 and VCF. The identity domains remain isolated. The source workloads are fully evacuated with low to no downtime and efficiently with HCX in-line data reduction. Net-net… the infrastructure is modernized efficiently. Virtual hardware is upgraded as part of the migration. The vSphere 5.5’s againg infrastructure can be removed from the books.
  • The August 30th addition of SRC environment support for NSX-T allows hybridity and mobility services between NSX-T installations.

    Customer X now plans to use HCX to consume cloud based capacity in his choice vSphere based Public Cloud. Because the vintage workloads now reside on NSX-T based VCF networks, the cloud initiative requires HCX to fully support extending source NSX-T to the target (which it does, with full GA support).

That is it this time! Hispanic Heritage Month is starting soon! I hope there are tacos in your near future. Happy and successful month of September!

Gabe 🖖🏼

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