What’s New in HCX (R130 – R131) November Updates

I’m excited for the goodies coming in the December releases. For today, here is a summary of what November brought us in the HCX service:

What’s New in HCX R130 – Released November 17th, 2019

Updates to OS Assisted Migrations (OSAM)

HCX OSAM are for Non-vSphere to vSphere migrations. With the OSAM technology, HCX performs a “fixup” that ensures compatibility once the underlying platform changes. If the concept is new to you, start with this blog.

With the R130 update,  OSAM added support for the following Operating Systems:
Hyper-V (Windows 2012, Windows 2012R2, Windows 2016)
KVM (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (32-bit)

For more detailed HCX OSAM requirements, see this page.

Support for Extending Networks from a souce NSXv Distributed Logical Router (DLR)

This release also adds limited* support for extending a source NSXv DLR logical network to a NSXv DLR logical network.

* Limited refers to 1) Extending without Proximity Routing and 2) the targe Transport Zone must be a complete configuration with all the vDS (the extension won’t work with post-extension distributed switches)

HCX R131 – Released November 29th, 2019

This release has added support for the cloudadmin@vmc.local to manage MTU Configurations in HCX Network Profiles in a VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC environment). This is already possible with private cloud HCX deployments.

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