What’s New in HCX – December 13th – Mobility Groups (R132a)

HCX Cloud to Cloud feature in R132 was covered here prior to the holiday break. In this post, I’m picking up with the rest of the R132 technologies. The following topics will be explored:

  • Mobility Groups for HCX Enterprise
  • OS Assisted Migration Enhancements
  • General User Interface Updates

Please note that R132 has been replaced by R132a, R132 is no longer downloadable.

Mobility Groups for hCX Enterprise

The Mobility Groups functionality can be accessed in the Migration interface by clicking the new Migration Management option.

The Migration Management interface displays any existing Mobility Groups. Mobility Groups visualize related virtual machines. The relation can be anything that makes sense to the migration project architect… for example if the migration is planned by application, network, in phases based on production, or maybe VM complexity, then the mobility group can be built for that. It allows the migration project to visualized beyond individual virtual machines . Migration progress and statistics are provided in the context of the mobility group, and some operations are available at the group level.

The Migrate 🔄 button can be used to create a new Mobility Group.

When creating a Mobility Group, the virtual machine inventory can be navigated by the contents of Datacenter objects, by Virtual Switch and by Networks.

Once a Mobility Group is created, the configuration can be SAVED (NEW), VALIDATED (NEW), or you can click GO to initiate the VM transfer.

OS Assisted Migration Enhancements

If you’re not quite sure what OS Assisted Migration is about, start with this blog.

With the R132a update,  Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) is added to the supported OS list for migrations from KVM hypervisors. 

General UI Updates

Two small but significant updates .

Updated Interfaces

Firstly, the Site Pairing screen was moved out of the interconnect settings. It is now a top level object in the left side navigator, in the Infrastructure list.

This change highlights the importance of establishing a relationship between HCX source and destination site peers prior to composing and deploying HCX services through the Multi-Site Service Mesh.

Site Pairing placement with R132

Secondly, the HCX Components UI can no longer be used to create service configurations. The interface can only be used to view configurations that have not been converted to the Service Mesh config.

🖖🏼 Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2020.



  1. Hi Gabe, Thank you for sharing a detailed information the new features of HCX. I am just wondering if the Migration Management feature is available for the HCX Enterprise only. After upgrading my HCX Advanced POC to version R132a, I can’t find this icon in the Migration tab. Any suggestions?


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