What’s New in HCX – January 18th (R133)

Today’s What’s New is a brief entry, so it’s a good opportunity to take a moment to call out some content outside of the blog:

  • My colleague Moe Magdy posted HCX adds Mobility Groups to simplify Workload Migration to the VMware Cloud blog. Moe expands on the use cases and problems solved by HCX Mobility Groups. I also wrote about Mobility Groups earlier in January here, but with more emphasis on the mechanics of the feature.
  • Bilal Ahmed (VCDX #251, vExpert) has been blogging HCX. Good recent posts design and PowerCli integration fronts.
  • See my post Traffic Engineering for HCX Enterprise on the VMware Cloud blog. I’ll write a dedicated feature post in hcx.design when those feature arrive (tentatively in the next update).
  • One other small change; I added a page to centralize HCX entries in the official VMware blog.

With all that said, lets get back to the primary objective…

What’s New in HCX – January 18th (R133)


As of Jan 18, N-3 supported updates go back to R130 (update published on November 17th). Anything older than that should be updated when engaging support.

Support for extending networks based on NSX-T VLAN networking

With this addition, the following source network types can be extended by HCX:

  • vSphere Distributed Switch Networks (Version 5.1.0 and above)
  • NSX for vSphere Logical Switches (NSXv Version 6.2 and above)
  • NSX for vSphere Logical Switches with Distributed Logical Router (Added in Update R130)
  • NSX-T Overlay TZ Logical Segments on Overlay Transport Zone (NSX-T Version 2.4 and above)
  • NSX-T VLAN TZ based networks (New in R133)
  • Cisco Nexus 1000v Switch VLANs.

Gabe 🖖🏼

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