Getting Started with VMware HCX!

I’ve been hinting at this publication for a bit, so I’m excited to share this. There is a new Getting Started document available in the HCX Documentation Home.

The chief purpose for this Getting Started doc is to provide supplementary content to architects and technical staff planning or designing their first HCX Implementation.

We’ve included Pre-install Checklists to help with planning. Currently, we’ve included a checklist for private cloud and public cloud (VMC) based deployments. In the near future, we will include checklists covering other possible scenarios (e.g. OSAM, VCF).

The doc has a section for Considerations and Concepts. In this section, we dive into HCX concepts and provide examples and explanations for possible variations. For the initial publish, we focused on Compute Profiles, and Network Profiles, since those two are foundational components of every deployment. Other critical topics (e.g. HCX Availability) are also planned for a near future revision.

Getting Started with VMware HCX (HTML)

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