What’s New in HCX – March 30th (R138)

Serviceability Enhancements

Guardrails for Non-Supported Network types with HCX Network Extensions

HCX Network Extension supports various types of virtual machine networks at the source environment. These networks are bridged to NSX Segment (or Logical Switch in NSXv). With HCX R138, the Network Extension operation will prevent a user from extending the following unsupported vSphere network types, which are not meant to be within the scope of HCX Network Extension:

◎ Cluster/VMkernel Networks
◎ Network Profile Networks
◎ Trunk Networks
◎ Untagged Networks

Unsupported network types are grayed out in the Network Extension interface.

Enhancement to OS-Assisted Migrations

OS-Assisted Migrations enable the conversion and migration of KVM/Hyper-V virtual machines into a vSphere environment using the HCX-style workflows.

HCX R138 certifies support for migrating RHEL 6.X virtual machines in Hyper-V

Read the OSAM launch blog.
Read Understanding OS Assisted Migration in VMware docs.

My COVID-19 Home Quarantine Team

Making absolutely sure every moment spent working from home is memorable. #SocialDistancingTogether

Happy April friends!


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