VM Migration Series – HCX & Virtual Machine Power State

When a migration is configured, depending on the power state, some migration types are available, some are not. Each migration type handles power state changes, sometimes depending on the stage of the operation.

The following table attempts to cover the known scenarios:

⬇️ VM State/Operation
➡️ HCX Migration Type
ColdBulkHCX vMotionReplication
Pre-Migration: Powered Off🆗 🚫 Not shown.🚫 Not shown.🚫 Not shown.🚫 Not shown.
Pre-Migration: Powered On🚫N/A 🆗🆗🆗🆗 Non-VMware VM
with Sentinel.
Migration Option Force VM Power-Off 🚫Already powered off.🆗
Required in conditions where a graceful shutdown is not possible.
🚫 Grayed out.🚫 Grayed out.🚫
Changing the Power State to OFF after the Migration UI loadsCold will not be displayed. Reload the Migration UI.⚠️Validation fails on Power State.⚠️Validation fails on Power State.⚠️Validation fails on Power State.⚠️ Warning issued when Sentinel offline 15 min.
VM Power State change during Base Sync.🚫 Not applicable.🆗 🚫 Not applicable.⚠️ Only Prior to Switchover.🚫 Must be online.
VM Power OFF once vMotion Relocate Task is in Progress 🚫 Already powered off.🚫 🚫undefined🚫Not supported.🚫
VM Power Off for Switchover phase. 🚫 Not supported.🆗
Can be used for high churn cases. Alternatively disable active services.
🚫 Not supported.🚫 Not supported.🚫

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