VMware HCX 4.0 is Generally Available!

👇🏼 That’s all I wanted to say today! Happy Tuesday! 🥳.

HCX 4.0.0 update is now available!

Read the official launch blog here:

Launch Video

There’s some “exclusive” house-keeping stuff (I think) worth sharing with anyone who follows things along here.

Upgrade to HCX 4.0

Existing installations will now show that an upgrade to HCX 4.0.0 available. HCX R146 and R147 can be upgraded to 4.0.0.

Note: As an unfortunate byproduct of pre-upgrade code, you will see R148 as a prefix to 4.0.0, but be assured that there is no R148, it is HCX 4.0

Fresh HCX 4.0 Deployments

The HCX Installer 4.0.0 has been added to downloads.vmware.com. This can be used for private cloud HCX deployments.

There’s some “exclusive” house-keeping stuff (I think) worth sharing with anyone who follows things along here.


HCX in the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix

HCX can now be found in the updated VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix.

HCX 4.0 follows the VMware N-2 support policy instead of the previous HCX N-3 (4 latest) policy. This means each minor release is supported for a minimum of 12 months (there is no technical guidance period).

Based on tons of feedback, this should be a warmly received change!

You can find more details about the versioning and support policy changes in the HCX Software Versioning and Support Policies document. HCX R147 is the final R-release and has an extended EoGS date, this one is also included in the Lifecycle Matrix.


HCX in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix

HCX 4.0 interoperability information is available centrally in the VMware tool. One quirk I noticed is that tool comparison with All Solutions is missing information (be assured the green and blue interop geniuses are looking into this). Individual comparisons reflect compatibility correctly:

Other Doc Updates

HCX 4.0 User Guide The manual – updated for 4.0.
HCX 4.0 Getting Started
HCX 4.0 Release Notes You can still find the R104 – R147 Release Note here.

New Capabilities

Here are some product screens, head over to the official launch blog for more information!

One comment

  1. […] Deployments already running HCX 4.0 that have not already upgraded will (for the first time) be able to use the In-Service Upgrade Mode when upgrading the HCX Network Extension appliances to HCX4.1. As a refresher – this new upgrade mode will use available IP pools to deploy a new appliance, fully configure the HCX Transport tunnels and lastly transition the bridging function (largely avoiding forwarding downtime). More about in-service mode here. […]


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