Mobility Optimized Networking in VMC | HCX Tech Paper

Update: The final published version of the technical paper has been published in the VMware communities portal. Click on the image below to open it there.

HCX Mobility Optimized Networking (MON) is an enterprise capability of the VMware HCX Network Extension (HCX-NE) feature. MON enables optimized application mobility for virtual machine application groups that span multiple segmented networks or for virtual machines with inter-VLAN dependencies, as well as for hybrid applications, throughout the migration cycle. Migrated virtual machines can be configured to access the Internet and AWS S3 storage buckets optimally, without experiencing the network tromboning effect.

MON with HCX & VMC

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  1. Hey Gabe, Something I’m interested to know is how VMs with MON enabled can be optimized to access S3 buckets via a connected VPC but it doesn’t appear that other Native AWS services can be reached like EC2 instances for example.


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