Configmax Updates for HCX 4.X

🥳 🍻 🌮 Feliz cinco! 😰 Ya es el seis?

We’re on the heels of the next HCX maintenance release. Wanted to break my unplanned vow of silence to share news that may otherwise slip undetected.

So while the HCX 4.0.2 maintenance release will deliver a round of fixes, there was some parallel work by the scale testing and quality engineering team (my sombrero off to the HCX QE pros!) that is now reflected as increased values in the VMware configmax tool.

Silent product victory for users and providers operating HCX at larger scale.

Updated Configmax Information Structure

The HCX information in has been refactored to align with the semantic versioning model. This allows scale improvements over time to be clearly reflected.

When you launch configmax, you will see three options:

HCX 3.5.3 Configuration Limits (previous data set)
HCX 4.0.0 Configuration Limits (new)
HCX 4.0.1 Configuration Limits (new)

Noteworthy Value Updates

  • Increased maximum Service Mesh concurrency from 25 to 64.
  • Updated managed appliance maximums. Limit increased from 125 to 192 appliances (combined total for service mesh appliances of all types).
  • New entries for tested NE concurrency (600 concurrent extensions across deployed appliances)
  • New table with WAN Opt Limit information.

    Plus clean up here and there.

Feliz seis de Mayo!


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