HCX Your Way To NSX-T Overlay


Happy New Year! 🙂

In the last two posts we had a look at two different methods for extending VLANs to NSX-T overlay. In the first post we configured a bridge which works well in scenarios where we the source VLAN and destination NSX-T Edge can achieve layer 2 adjacency. In the second post we configured Layer 2 VPN in a scenario where source and destination environment were completely separate and VLANs could not be stretched.

Both bridging and Layer 2 VPN achieve the same thing from the workload’s perspective: VLAN and overlay segment are one and the same meaning it can roam freely between the two, from a network perspective at least.

Bridging and Layer 2 VPN are technologies native to the NSX-T platform. Apart from some configuration you don’t need additional components to extend a VLAN into overlay. NSX-T, by design, will only provide the network infrastructure for…

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