HCX Locations – For Your Reference

The HCX dashboard has a location widget that visualizes connected clouds and data center environments on a world map. The intention is to give a user a big picture visual of what is encompassed (geographically) in the overall HCX implementation:

It is possible to zoom into the map, but there is no drill down states or metro view.

Editing the HCX Location

The location of an HCX Manager system is initially provided during the installation (shortly after the appliance is activated) and can be subsequently managed in the HCX AMI (the 9443 UI).

In cloud-based deployments, the cloud vendor’s automation configures the location on behalf of the tenants.

HCX APIs for Datacenter Location

There are APIs available for configuring the location, for querying a configured location, and for searching the HCX appliance for valid cities.

The /admin/global/ APIs require the admin account and use encoded passwords (basic auth).

Selectable Cities
Here’s the list of locations that can be selected (true as of September 2021 other cities may be added in over time).

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