What’s New in HCX 4.2.1 (Maintenance Release)

What’s New

HCX 4.2.1 is the late September HCX maintenance release, primarily delivering fixes to various reported issues.

vSphere 7.0 Update 3 was released a week ago or so. HCX 4.2.1 provides readiness for this latest vSphere release. Although there are no virtual machine hardware version changes, HCX 4.2.1 contains updates required for Mobility Agent based migration services (HCX vMotion & Replication Assisted vMotion) to be compatible with vSphere 7.0 Update 3.

HCX 4.2.1 adds compatibility with 7.0 Update 3

Resolved Issues

Resolved Interconnect Issues

  • PR/2792702 – Deleting the HCX Service Mesh in VMware Cloud for AWS does not delete the groups used in the Redirection Rules that are set for the ingress and egress traffic flow, and those groups remain as stale entries in the cloud NSX-T Manager.

Resolved Migration Issues

  • PR/2807538 – During Bulk migration switchover, the Power Off task did not complete as the VM was already powered off due to a delayed shutdown, resulting in a migration failure.
  • PR/2812264 – Running thousands of HCX vMotion, Replication Assisted vMotion, and/or Cold migrations may cause the Mobility Agent to fail after some time. See VMware KB 85837.
  • PR/2815128 – Replication Assisted vMotion migration fails with the error, “Server redirected too many times.”

Resolved OS Assisted Migration Issues

  • PR/2832005 – On a Linux system where localfs is configured as a service, HCX OS Assisted Migration gets stuck in the final sync phase if some file systems get unmounted as part of the HCX Sentinel service quiescing localfs.
  • PR/2828007 – In an environment where hyperthreading is enabled and maxSupportedVcpus is not set, migrating a VM with more vCPUs than the target host CPUs does not succeed.

Resolved System Management Issues

  • PR/2820661 – HCX appliance upgrade operations may hang and report a validation error under certain conditions for large deployments.

Deprecation Notices 

In some cases, support for a feature is no longer viable due to product upgrades, interoperability constraints, VMware support policies, and so forth, and it becomes necessary to deprecate that feature. Deprecated features receive no further development or code fixes. Deprecated features are available in the current release but intended for removal in a future release. The following is a summary list of deprecated features in HCX 4.x releases:

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