HCX at VMware Explore!

EXPLORE is only 3 weeks & change away! If you generally enjoy the content in this blog, let me recommend the following speakers & breakout sessions, and HCX related content at the event.

I will be at the event, looking forward to speaking meeting as many of you as possible!

Migration Journey – Using VMware HCX from Data Center to Cloud [NETB2239US]

HCX is VMware’s workload mobility platform. For more than 5 years, HCX enabled thousands of customers to migrate their workloads across private and hybrid clouds. As the HCX offering evolves, VMware will be expanding its capabilities and use-cases further to cater to customer requirements. In this session, we are honored to share with you the story from one of our largest customers, Delta Airlines.

(Our very own!) Brianna Williams

Need to Migrate Thousands of Workloads? No Problem! [MCLB1251US]

Winner of the VMware Explore People’s Choice Awards. Cloud migration involves many steps. The larger and more complex the applications and workloads are, the more involved the process is. In this session you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of large-scale migrations. We will walk through how to develop an effective migration strategy, discover and analyze the environments, create a detailed migration plan, and execute and verify the migrations. We will share examples of how several real-life organizations have successfully migrated large numbers of workloads to various public clouds.

Andrea Siviero | Anuj Garg

Sentara Healthcare Uses Azure VMware Solution to Successfully Migrate to the Cloud [MCLB2727US]

Using familiar VMware tools and technologies such as VMware HCX and vMotion, Sentara Healthcare’s VMware workloads were migrated to Azure without platform conversions. Learn how Azure VMware Solution minimizes risk, increases flexibility, and allows Sentara Healthcare to achieve accelerated migration times.

Matthew Douglas | Greg Russell

Migrate and Transform Your Applications with Google Cloud VMware Engine [CEIB3023USS]

Sponsored Session Disclaimer: This is a sponsored session. When you attend a sponsored session at VMware Explore, your attendee information will be shared with the presenting sponsor. You may opt in to receive communications directly from that sponsor and will be subject to their communications and privacy policy.

Google Cloud VMware Engine represents one of the fastest ways to migrate VMware workloads to the cloud without changes to your applications, policies or processes. Learn how you can leverage existing investments, operations and tools to migrate…

Ash Ashutosh, Global Director, Solution Sales, Google Cloud

Sai Gopalan, Outbound Product Manager, Google Cloud

Cloud Migration & Disaster Recovery Modernization Using VMware Cloud on AWS [CMB2893US]

In today’s digital transformation era, organizations like Sage Group Plc are looking for a hybrid cloud service that they can trust to run production applications across their on-premises and cloud environment, without disrupting existing operations. Join this session to see how VMware Cloud on AWS, along with VMware HCX and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, provides organizations with a familiar, reliable, and cost-efficient way to migrate, operate, and protect their VMware workloads using the AWS Cloud. Learn how Sage, a market leader in accounting and ERP software, adopted VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and how it allowed them to modernize their DR capabilities across data centers in both Europe and North America.

Chris Porter

Hands-on Labs Expert-led Workshop

Check out the Hands-on Labs Expert-led Workshops for an excellent way to get some coached time with our product:

VMware HCX – Getting Started with Cross-Cloud Mobility [ELW-HOL-2281-01-HBD]

VMware HCX provides a seamless method for extending on-premises vSphere environments into a public cloud. HCX includes vMotion, bulk migration, High throughput network extension, WAN optimization, Traffic Engineering, Load Balancing, Automated VPN with Strong Encryption (Suite B) and secured data center interconnectivity with built-in hybrid abstraction and hybrid interconnects. Lab provides hybrid cloud infrastructure with an on-premises vSphere environment and cloud vSphere environment. It guides you to establish the state of hybridity and configure live migration and bulk migration of VMs.

Alex Fanous (I had an opportunity to collaborate with Alex on HCX content, I guarantee you are in good hands with him).

Meet the Experts

Not strictly related to HCX technologies, but these are run by my closest work colleagues. I may be loitering around MTE when these go down:

Migration Approaches and Tools for NSX (V2T) [NETM2296US]

Trying to figure out how to quickly and easily migrate to VMware NSX-T from VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere? Want to know more about the Migration Coordinator, a fully supported free DIY tool included in NSX-T that makes migrations as simple as upgrading? Join this session as we share different migration strategies and approaches, and customer experience with migrations.

Sammuel Kommu (good friend, excellent human being)

Networking and Security Analytics, and the Evolution of the NSX Platform [NETB2301US]

This session will cover how we are evolving the VMware NSX platform on a microservices architecture to deliver new and compelling security and networking use cases built on the rich context available in NSX. We will cover NSX Intelligence, NSX metrics, the NSX application platform, and more.

Ray Budavari (fellow runner (with superior endurance))

Hands-On Labs (Self-paced)

These are a beloved staple of our annual VMware event. The HCX labs are great for consumption minded folks involved with multi-cloud/hyperscaler projects (how do I bring the workloads in my case?). Get to see these labs before anyone else at Explore.

  • VMware HCX for VMware Cloud on Dell
    In this lab, we will be deploying and configuring VMware HCX on-premises to connect our environment and stretch our Apps network to the cloud. During deployment, the VMware HCX Cloud components are deployed to the VMware Cloud on Dell SDDC and the…
  • VMware HCX – Getting Started with Cross-Cloud Mobility
    VMware HCX provides a seamless method for extending on-premises vSphere environments into a public cloud. HCX includes vMotion, bulk migration, High throughput network extension, WAN optimization, Traffic Engineering, Load Balancing, Automated VPN…

    Alex Fanous, Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Azure VMware Solution Workload Migration with VMware HCX
    In this lab, we will be downloading, deploying, and configuring VMware HCX on-premises, including all its components (Interconnect, Network Extension, and WAN Optimization). Then we will connect our on-premises environment via site pairing and…

    Jeremiah Megie, Principal Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware
    Emad Younis, Director, VMware Cloud Solutions, VMware
    Trevor Davis, Global Black Belt, Microsoft
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine Overview
    This lab is designed to provide a review of the processes involved in deploying Google Cloud VMware Engine, migrating workloads with HCX, and integrating with other Google Cloud services.

    Frances Wong, Sr Technical Product Manager, VMware
    Darin Schmitz, Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
    Product: Google Cloud VMware Engine, VMware Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
    This simulated lab will guide you through the simple deployment of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, including establishing connectivity to native Oracle Cloud services and on-premises vSphere environments and using VMware HCX to migrate workloads…

    Jatin Purohit, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
    IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions makes cloud adoption fast and easy, allowing you to optimize the value of existing on-premises infrastructure. Migrate VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud while using existing tools, technologies, and skills from your on-premises environment using VMware HCX.
    Product: VMware Cloud

🫡 Happy weekend !


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