What’s New in HCX 4.4.1 (Maintenance) & 4.3.9 (FedRamp-High)

HCX 4.3.9 for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) Announcement

Brief video coverage for the 4.3.9 release (This is FedRamp-High compliant HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US), a much anticipated for government agencies and regulated industries adopting VMware Cloud. Also touching on the HCX 4.4.1 maintenance update (a critical stabilization update for anyone already running HCX 4.4. Both released last week.

Pardon the lack of eye contact 🥴. I’m experimenting with new equipment for at-home recordings. I don’t have sea legs for this new ship, where I need to talk to my gopro like it’s a person 😏.

See ya’ll at Explore! 🖖🏼🥸


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