About Me

Gabe here! Thanks for spending some of your minutes here. Some nuggets about me:

  • Personality-wise… my wife says I’m a textbook ENTJ (using the Myers-Briggs standard).
  • I’ve been at VMware working on various things since around the end of 2012 (VCP, vCloud Hybrid Service, vCloud Air Hybridity & Networking, VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension, NSX Hybrid Connect, and finally VMware HCX. I spent some time as a platform engineer at a place previously known as VCE (now Dell EMC), and as a network engineer. I love what I do currently, but honestly being on a CLI looking at network information is where I feel most at home.
  • I am US Navy Veteran (One enlistment spent mostly overseas).
  • I married my best friend – we have the 6 best babies (also we’re done with that / exploring new hobbies)


  • Endurance running is my jam (started maybe some time in 2018).  I’ve run many half marathons now and a couple of ultra distances.  When they allow I run my races pulling my kidrunner and make it a family thing.

I’m a huge fan of Obstacle Course Racing.  I completed my first Spartan Race “trifecta” in 2018, two more in 2019, along with a Hurricane Heat and a Spartan Ultra (31miles/kn w/70+ obstacles)

Obstacle Course Racing!