About Me

At the beginning of my working career (at 15 years old) I’m regularly skipping high school to put in more hours as a “chicken genius”.. until they (school) kicked me out.

25 years later, I am at VMware solving interesting problems and helping build products at VMware (a regular in “best places to work” lists).

In-between was an adventure getting my ducks in a row… here’s some highlights:

  • I joined a state program, learned a trade and got my GED (true story). My second job was refurbishing pagers.
  • After being passed over for promotion, I joined the US Navy, worked countless hours in the naval surface and aviation logistics world.
  • I entered the technology industry via a small MSP, helping administer the global monitoring systems. I worked a second job at a country club so I could afford my mortgage (I provided damn good service 😉 )
  • In the next job – I spent many 12-hour shifts troubleshooting datacenter and financial networks. That was a whooping, but it equipped me well for my next gig in converged infrastructure.
  • I was the first network guy in Americas supporting networking for converged infrastructure platform (the VCE Vblock 300-700). This eventually lead me to VMware to work on the early software-defined clouds, and ultimately with HCX, which is a powerful consumption enabler, it provides customers a consistent and rich application and network mobility experience and allows them realize the benefits of their VMware investments.

Somewhere along the line I got married we grew to a family of 8! My wife is my best friend. She is a scientist (PhD/Geologist) currently pursuing law. This incredible wife and our six kids are my favorite chaos.

hcx.design and nsxtech.net are my own personal project for sharing useful creative content with my personal flavor at my own pace. Ads will never be enabled here. If you’re feeling magnificent and want to support what I do here, buy me a coffee☕️. But you totally don’t have to (I don’t think anyone else has 😝).

Hope you enjoy what I’m doing with this blog.

🖖🏼 Live long and prosper. –Gabe