HCX in VMware KB

KB 79289 – In HCXR140 Service Mesh Upgrade/Deployment fails Cause: JSONObject “nsxHost” not found

KB 79220 – HCX Interoperability with Backup Solutions

KB 79072 – HCX – Virtual machine does not receive DHCP Server Offers on NSX-T Extended Networks

KB 79075 – Editing or Renaming NSX-T backed HCX Network Extensions Causes the Segments to Become Connected

KB 76025 – Error on HCX plugin or HCX manager “Your session is no longer valid, you need to login again to view and manage HCX operations”

KB 74888 – Why does HCX manager require internet connectivity for activation and updates? 

KB 71398 – NSX Requirements for HCX integration

KB 56211 – Steps to Run Perftest in HCX