HCX Network Extension & Mobility Optimized Networking Diagrams

Some diagram updates I’ve been itching to knock out. Diagram set updated for Mobility Optimized Networking (released in R140).

Bonus Files:

HCX Network Extension Topology
HCX Network Extension L2 Forwarding Path
HCX Network Extension Routing Path
HCX Mobility Optimized Networking (MON)
HCX Mobility Optimized Networking – L2 Forwarding Path
HCX Mobility Optimized Networking – Local Egress at Destination


  1. Awesome diagrams Gabe!! Worth a thousand words 🙂

    I do have a question on the second last section (HCX Mobility Optimized Networking – Policy Routing via HCX NE Path) where the traffic flow between VM B to VM C (Policy Routed via HCX NE) is explained. Wouldn’t the red line finish on the VM Network Orange gateway interface on the on-prem side ( to get to VM C?

    Stay safe and healthy!



  2. Hi Gabe, is there any documentation on the function of the /32 routes injected by HCX into NSX when NE with MON is enabled? I’m trying to understand how that works internally.


  3. Hi Gabe. Great stuff. I am trying to wrap my head around this for a while and these diagrams help a lot. Just one additional questions with regards to the last scenario VMB to VMC. With the default setting of target router for VMB set to onprem this seems to be logical. But how does this work, if I set the target router to Cloud? I am aware that there are HCX policies in place which include the prefix but I am a little confused about how these different parts come together.


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