HCX Network Ports – Updated to Current Iconography

I loved the heavy dose of human connection last week at Explore! 💙💚
For those of you who I saw there (that follow things here) it was more than a pleasure to meet you. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

With pleasantries out of the way… so insomnia hit hard this AM. Used the “free time” to update one of my favorite HCX related creations… the “all the network flows” diagram.

This variation highlights all of the HCX related network communications in the source site.
– Green arrows are “intra-site”, and generally happen between an HCX system and its managed HCX appliances, the local vSphere, and local NSX Manager registered to that HCX system.
– Purple arrows are connections related to management / shared services.
– Lastly, the red lines are what tether two HCX enabled environments for network and application mobility. Think of the red arrows as your HCX to HCX site awareness and transport communications. The outbound SSL connections to connect.hcx and hybridity-depot VMware endpoints for activation, entitlement, publishing and that sort of thing are also red arrows.

Knocking this out gives me a baseline for some upcoming work (where some new flows will be introduced).

  • Updated with 2022 VMware Iconography
  • Updated some of the general visuals.
  • Updated with probe flows.

That’s all for this one folks!

Gabe 🤩


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